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Concrete Water Proofer

There are 2 basic types of penetrating water repellents: Silanes and Siloxanes

Achieve the greatest depth of penetration due to its very small molecular size.
With most silanes, masking of the glass is not necessary as it is with the siloxanes
Will not darken the substrate

Perform better than silanes in the beading of water
Are preferred for the more porous substrates
Can potentially darken the surface, depending on the solids content & rate of application
Are the preferred product for noncementitious products i.e. clay, brick, stone and the like.


  1. Prior to the application the substrate should be completely dry
  2. Allow at least 24-hours with sunshine for drying if the surface was wet. A dry surface
  3. helps to maximize the depth of penetration of the water repellent
  4. Wait until the concrete is 28-days old prior to applying the water repellent
  5. The preferred method of application is a very low pressure spray [+/- 15 psi(1 Mpa)] using a fan-type spray nozzle
  6. The ideal time to apply water repellents is late in the day when the temperature and the structure to be treated starts to cool down and the wind tapers off.

J29 A Weather Worker S-100: Weather Worker S-100 (J-29-A) is a proprietary, 100% silane that penetrates into concrete or masonry and provides true long term weatherproofing protection.

  • EnviroSafe

Trojan Masonry Sealer: A water dispersed polyester polymer and water-borne polyurethane that when dry forms a monolithic barrier that fills the voids and coats the interior particles of the concrete matrix and helps to reduce vapor transmission in concrete and masonry. Trojan Masonry SealerTM is Building Green approved.

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