The heart of our story is Keith Davenport, a true Texan hailing from Abilene, with roots that spread through the picturesque landscapes of Colorado. Keith, a visionary in the construction industry, embarked on his journey straight out of high school, crafting his skills at Climax Mine before venturing into various roles that shaped his expertise in framing, drywall, roofing, cabinetry, and beyond.

Keith’s passion for construction seamlessly transitioned into a thriving sales career in Colorado’s construction hubs, where he fine-tuned a customer-centric approach. After more than a decade of excelling in sales, the culmination of Keith’s experience and dedication birthed Western Hardscape Supply in March 2005.

From Western’s humble beginnings at 4745 Town Center Dr, the business, fueled by Keith’s vision and a devoted team, they steadily flourished. By 2007, Western Hardscape Supply had expanded significantly, finding its home at 5065 Geiger Blvd. The team, like the business, grew.

Keith’s commitment to building a successful business was evident in his dedication to strong relationships. Appreciation breakfasts and hands-on demos became more than events—they became the threads weaving together the fabric of a company rooted in familial culture.

In 2018, faced with challenges like a lease non-renewal and a real estate crisis, Keith boldly paved the way for a new chapter. Overcoming obstacles, he constructed a purpose-built home for Western Hardscape Supply, a testament to his resilience and unwavering commitment.

The new facility, a collaborative effort between Keith and his team, stands as a symbol of growth and unwavering dedication to customer service. Despite hurdles, including a complex move in 2020, the company has settled into its new home, upholding its motto as a place “where everybody knows your name.”

In 2023, our beloved founder, Keith Davenport, passed away, leaving behind a legacy that now thrives in the capable hands of his Family. As we move forward, we honor Keith’s memory by continuing to evolve and maintain the spirit of a place beyond being just a supply store—it’s a community where the echoes of Keith’s values resonate in every corner.