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Horizontal Repair

CR – Concrete Resurfacer: is a polymer modified cement based product used for resurfacing old concrete to make it look new again.

Feather Edge: is a trowelable, rapid-setting underlayment that results in a very smooth, ultra-thin finish applied over a wide array of subfloors.

Floor Patch Pro: is a fast-setting, easy-to-mix, portland cement based patching compound for use under resilient flooring, ceramic tile, hardwood flooring and other floor covering surfaces.

Premium Patch 100: is a fast-setting, fiber-reinforced, high strength, cement-based mortar repair material designed for applications where high early strength gain is needed to reduce down time.

RubCrete: is a non-gypsum, polymer-enhanced, one-component concrete resurfacing product for filling and smoothing interior and exterior vertical concrete and masonry surfaces.

Vertical / Overhead Repair

HD-50: is a fast setting, fiber reinforced, latex-modified, heavy duty, one component concrete patching material requiring only water to mix and apply

BlendCrete: is a single component, polymer-modified, cement-based concrete and masonry patching compound.

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