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Product: Grip Rite Concrete Curing Blankets Introducing the Grip-Rite Extreme Series of patent pending curing blankets. Grip-Rite Extreme Concrete Curing Blankets® are a woven poly tarpaulin envelope with internal insulation secured all around by a patent pending reinforced webbing design.
Extreme blankets are designed for use in cold weather concreting applications as an insulated cover to maintain the heat of hydration during the early stages of concrete curing. Grip-Rite Extreme Curing Blankets feature a patent pending bottomless design that eliminates the need for plastic buttons to hold the insulation in place. This means reduced catching and tearing, reduced moisture penetration, and less disturbance of the wet concrete surface. A Grip-Rite exclusive.  Curing Blanket Specifications Brochure

Grip Rite Concrete Curing Blankets
Available in 5 thicknesses and in two cut sizes; 6 ft. x 25 ft. and 12 ft. x 25 ft. 
See chart for finished sizes and specifications
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Features: High density woven PE envelope coated on both sides for extreme vapor retarding properties. Grip-Rite blankets have a low perm rating of 0.87
Woven PE webbing is sewn all around securing insulation layers to envelope preventing insulation movement
Insulation is full edge to edge design with zero insulation voids at the hems PE webbing is perforated with eyelets spaced at 10.0 cm intervals allowing the blankets to be fastened together, or to scaffolding or forms Extreme blankets can be used as an insulated tarp when installed on scaffolding Woven poly cover, 2 side HDPE coating Double needle sewn all around; double folded width hems 18 button fasteners keep the insulation in place for vertical applications (per 6 ft. x 25 ft.) Made to finished size dimensions Closed cell foam insulation (Note – Grip-Rite extreme blankets are not flame retardant. Check local fire codes before installing) Packaging:
Only Grip-Rite offers weather resistant blanket packaging on all models. Certain foam sizes are palletized for easy unloading, storage and transport.
Precautions and Limitations:
Follow ACI guidelines for cold weather concreting practices. Follow local fire codes. Grip-Rite blankets are not fire retardant. Grip-Rite extreme blankets are not intended for use as a waterproof membrane.

Concrete Curing Blankets
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