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Western Hardscape Supply can match any other manufaturer concrete colors, whether the color would be from 
Scofield, Davis Colors, Solomon, Increte, Lanxess, Butterfield Color 
or most any other manufactures colors can be blended at our facility.

One of the most popular methods for coloring newly placed concrete is integral coloring admixtures. These admixtures infuse concrete with rich, long-lasting, fade-resistant color. Stamped concrete contractors often use this coloring medium to produce a backdrop for contrasting accent or antiquing colors, such as pigmented release agents and stains or dyes. This layering of color is what enables them to so closely replicate the variegated, multi-tonal appearance of natural stone.

With integrally colored concrete, the entire batch of concrete is colored all the way through, similar to adding food coloring to cake icing. Integral colors are available in powdered, granular and liquid forms. All types are generally a blend of synthetic or natural iron-oxide pigments that are formulated to disperse evenly when mixed into fresh concrete, either at the ready-mix plant or at the jobsite. The palette for integral pigments consists primarily of soft earth tones that integrate well with most landscapes and architectural elements

Integral pigments can be added to just about any type of new concrete. Popular applications include exterior flatwork, floors, walls and countertops. Integral color is ideal for achieving uniform tones with no variations. It also works well as a contrasting base shade for creating layers of color. For example, stamped concrete contractors often start out with integrally colored concrete and then enhance it with color hardeners, stains and other surface-applied treatments. Indoors, integral color is a good alternative to shake-on color hardeners if mess and cleanup are concerns.

Prism Pigments Concrete Colors: Prism Pigments Concrete Colors are pure, synthetic iron oxide pigments containing no fillers that will affect the performance of the concrete mix design. Prism Pigments concrete color applications provide the user with a lightfast, weather resistant, lime-proof, no maintenance finished product. Prism Pigments maintain the highest tinting strength and color consistency from bag to bag. Prism Pigments Concrete Colors are ideal for use for integrally colored concrete in highly visible areas such as driveways, patios, walkways, car paths, curbings, athletic courts, or stamped concrete. A stable, weather resistant color is always the end result.

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