Product: Helix Epoxy Bonder

Helix Epoxy Bonder is a two component, water reducible epoxy primer designed as an adhesion promoter between Helix cement-based overlay toppings or opaque coatings, and hard surface substrates. Helix Epoxy Bonder acts as membrane forming primer, at the same time penetrating the surface of the substrate to promote strong adhesion.


  • Helix Epoxy Bonder is an excellent adhesion promoter for all interior and exterior overlay and opaque coating applications.
  • Reduces the effects of moisture vapor transmission (MVT).
  • Helix Epoxy Bonder has excellent adhesion and flexibility.
  • Helix Epoxy Bonder has a long pot life and open time (minimum 4 hours) to allow for direct application of overlays or polymer coatings.
  • Helix Epoxy Bonder is a water-based Epoxy formulation, with low odor, water cleanup, and is VOC complaint in all 50 states.
  • Helix Epoxy Bonder has a mix ratio of 1:1, and can be diluted with water to reduce solids.


  • Do not apply Helix Epoxy Bonder if the surface or ambient temperature is below
    45 °F, above 95 °F, or if the temperature is expected to fall below freezing (32 °F)
    within the 24-hour curing cycle.
  • Failure to remove dirt and debris from the surface or failure to properly clean the
    surface before application will result in poor adhesion.
  • DO NOT mix more sealer than can be used in a 4-hour period. Pot life is 4
  • Do not over apply Helix Epoxy Bonder
  • Not recommended for use as a primer for clear coatings.
  • CAUTION: Do not seal container after mixing parts A & B.

Additional Description:

  • Coverage Rate and Drying Times Coverage rates may vary depending on the texture, porosity and condition of the concrete, application method, and other local conditions.
  • Smooth Finish: Material usage is 350-400 square feet per gallon/coat.
  • Rough or Broom Finish: Material usage is 250-300 square feet per gallon/coat.
  • Drying times below will vary depending on surface porosity, temperature, humidity and local conditions.
  • Recoat: Surface can be recoated within 24 hours of first coat.
Package Sizes
Helix Epoxy Bonder is available in quart,
2 gallon and 10 gallon kits


Technical Datasheet:
Helix Epoxy Bonder

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