Product: Maintenance SealerTM

Description: The NewLook Concrete Sealeris a single component, high-quality polymer combined with fast evaporating solvents for use over NewLook Concrete Color Stains™, properly prepared concrete floors, pool decks and other concrete surfaces. Concrete Sealer dries quickly and, once cured, creates an abrasion-resistant and chemical-resistant film that provides weatherproof protection against sun, rain, most acids, industrial chemicals, oil and grease.

Concrete Sealer eventually dries to a matte finish and does not need to be removed or stripped before maintenance applications of NewLook Concrete Color Stains. Ideally, the need for maintenance applications of Newlook is not immediate and the amount of time required before maintenance applications will vary. Another coat(s) of Maintenance Sealer is recommended over maintenance applications of NewLook Concrete Color Stains. Read the respective Technical Information Sheet for more information.

Features and Benefits:

  • Water-based acrylic, non-flammable, environmentally-friendly
  • Great resistance to delamination caused by chlorine
  • Can be easily applied with a brush, roller, micro fiber pad, or sprayer
  • Includes UV blocker for additional protection against harmful UV rays
  • Available in gloss and matte finish


  • Ideal for pool decks!
  • Convention Centers
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks / Walkways
  • Patios
  • Theme parks
  • Government property

Packages: Available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers. Coverage is approximately 250 - 350 square feet (23-32 square meters) per gallon.
*Coverage rates will vary and are based on surface porosity, concrete texture, temperature, and method of application. Use a Newlook Applicator Brush to apply Solid Color Stain, Clear 32, Concrete Sealer, Eco Acid, Concrete Degreaser, and Concrete Cleaner. The Translucent Color Enhancer can be applied with virtually any tool, including the Newlook Applicator Brush. Contact your local supplier for product pricing and availability.



Technical Datasheet:
Maintenance Sealer
Maintenance Sealer

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