J23 Day-Chem Cure & Seal UV 30%

Product: Day-Chem Cure & Seal UV 30% (J-23 UV)


Description: Day-Chem Cure & Seal U.V. 30% is an acrylic copolymer cure, seal and dustproofing compound in an aromatic solvent containing 30% solids with special U.V. stabilizers. As a result J-23 U.V. will be ultraviolet stable and resist yellowing. The higher acrylic solids content will form an excellent surface coating with a high gloss finish and will provide outstanding cure performance.

Purpose: Day-Chem Cure & Seal U.V. 30% (J-23 U.V.) provides a combination curing, sealing and dustproofing for freshly finished interior or exterior concrete surfaces. It meets the ASTM C-309 specification as an outstanding curing compound and is an excellent dustproofer and surface sealer. J-23 U.V. will resist many chemicals, help protect against staining and allows for easy removal of mortar splatters.


  • U.V. Resistant
  • High Solids content
  • Cures (Meets ASTM C-309)
  • Seals and Protects Concrete
  • Dustproofs
  • Forms a Clear Film
  • Interior/Exterior Applications
  • Sprayers and equipment must have suitable type neoprene hoses and gaskets.
  • Do not apply concrete or mortar over sealed surfaces.
  • Remove the J-23 U.V. with Citrus Peel (J-48) before applying resinous (epoxy, polyester, urethanes, etc.) coatings.
  • Do not store food containers directly on the floor, always place on pallets.


Technical Datasheet:
J-23UV Cure & Seal
J-23UV Cure & Seal

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