Product: Day-Chem® Sil-Cure (J-13)

Description: Day-Chem Sil-Cure is a ready-to-use, water based solution of sodium orthosilicate.

Purpose: Ready to use for hardening and dustproofing interior and exterior, horizontal and vertical surfaces of both freshly finished and older concrete.Can also be used to assist in curing, especially prior to an application of Sure-Hard (J-17). If an ACI 308 method of curing is desired or required, use water, sheet materials or a membrane forming curing compound that will require removal prior to the applications of the J-17 or any other floor finish. Day-Chem Sil-Cure will not discolor and does not produce objectionable odors. It reacts with the lime in concrete to provide a chemically hardened surface


  • Not for use on colored concrete surfaces.
  • Will stain glass, metal and other trim.
  • Clean immediately with water.
  • For optimum chemical hardening, apply two coats.
  • For enhanced abrasion resistance and protection, use Dayton Superior Sure Hard (J-17).
  • For maximum abrasion resistance use one of the Dayton Superior Shake-On Floor Hardeners.
  • Remove excess material and puddles from surface after application is complete.


Technical Datasheet:
J-13 Sil-Cure
J-13 Sil-Cure

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